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We have been operating since 1994 with ethics and professionalism, offering solutions in strategic, tactical and operational planning for companies and organizations.

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     SILCON Estudos Econômicos is an economic consultancy company focused on serving companies committed to success and operating in a healthy environment of obedience to ethics and strengthening market rules. Our actions are based on ethics, technical qualifications with intensive use of IT, professional experience and the permanent search for new techniques and management tools to support decisions. We are pioneers in the development and application of modern systems to support the administration of companies and organizations. Despite the quality of our products, our greatest commitment is always to our customers. The products we develop are just instruments to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to be part of each client's competitive arsenal, providing and dissecting information at the right time.

     But having access to information is not enough. Information only becomes power and an instrument for success when its holder knows how to use it. We teach companies how to set up specific information systems and use them efficiently.         Our philosophy is not simply to discover the present environment: we help our clients to design and build their future. SILCON /CR Contador & Associados operates in the areas of forecasting, simulation, financial expertise, market research, and project assembly and evaluation, providing services tailored to the specific needs of each client. We do not sell standardized products. The market is what it is: every company has problems and faces unique challenges. For this reason, our Consultancy offers services from a qualified team, constantly updated, with specific composition to each client's problems. The formation of a high-level multidisciplinary team and the operational association with consulting companies with strong specialization in various areas allow us to enhance and diversify our products. We are proud of our products, our team and the success of our customers.

     In 2024, SILCON Estudos Econômicos received the Forecast Accuracy Awards Brazil award for the best predictive performance by Consensus Economics , England, in a select group of national and international consultancies.

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The Consultancy provides services in a wide range of activities. The summarized list of clients testifies to the variety of our services.


In 2024, Silcon Estudos Econômicos received the award for best performance in forecasting central macroeconomic variations in Brazil (2023 Forecast Accuracy Award do Brasil).