Company performance analysis



     The opening of the economy and the more competitive environment require greater attention to the productivity and performance of companies , under pressure to improve performance and make better use of their resources. Systems and programs developed by the Consultancy allow determining the company's efficiency, both in comparison with competitors - and thus identifying its weaknesses and areas for improvement - and in evaluating the relative performance of departments and operational units, employees, units and regional markets ; etc.

     A company's performance, measured, for example, by revenue, profit margin, etc. , depends on two groups of factors: (a) factors within your control, such as the hiring of specialized technicians; advertising expenditure; the demand for credit; price discounts, etc., and (b) factors beyond their control, subdivided into macroeconomic, political and social factors; and factors related to market structure; regulation, etc. Regarding the non-controllable group (b), the solutions are varied, generally associated with the best strategic planning practice. The company can act on the factors and resources at its disposal. The point is to identify the internal weaknesses and strengths that determine the company's absolute performance .

     The system uses operational research to isolate the weak points (that is, the least efficient) and the strong points of the organization in the use of common resources, available to all units. The units (which can be departments, employees, or regional units) that make the best use of resources are identified and adopted as a performance standard, to transfer experience to others, receive bonuses, etc. Even for units identified as inefficient, the system shows how and where to act, to use resources more efficiently and reduce costs. In the case of an Industry, that is, the set of independent companies producing a (more or less) homogeneous product or service, the system makes it possible to evaluate the relative performance of each company, identify strengths and weaknesses, point out inefficient areas, such as improve performance and reward efficiency.