Financial analysis and expertise for legal demand




     The sequence of plans that began in 1986 had as a common element the breaking and changing of monetary correction rules, with the transfer of income between creditors and debtors. The profusion of indexers and readjustment rules, the frequent exchange of indices and changes in the monetary unit made losses and gains blurred. The Consultancy is capable of carrying out legal expertise in order to calculate the financial losses arising from the plans, and guide clients in the search for legal services in defense of their rights and assets.

         In this activity, the Consultancy acts as an expert and mediator in financial disputes, in projects, concessions, financing and financial investments. em geral.  OThe company's owner is a member of the Permanent Body of arbitrators of the FGV Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber; the Brazilian Center for Mediation and Arbitration, ACRJ/FIRJAN, Rio de Janeiro; Minas Gerais Mediation and Arbitration Center, CAMINAS; and Honorary Arbitrator of the Insurance Mediation and Arbitration Chamber of Espírito Santo.