Social and financial evaluation of investiment project   


     SILCON Estudos Econômicos brings together a team with strong knowledge and experience in setting up and evaluating projects, both from a private investor perspective and from a social perspective, where several factors must be equally analyzed: their environmental impacts, direct and indirect generation of employment, income and taxes, etc. In 2020, SILCON created the ACB Group to develop project services, with four main activities: (1) preparation of economic and private analysis of projects of any size and field of activity, (2) in -company training for teams of technicians and analysts, with programs suited to the contractor's interests, at three levels: basic; intermediate and advanced, (3) lectures and seminars, (4) expertise and ex-post analysis of performance and adequacy of assumptions and forecasts of projects carried out and their comparison with the ex-ante feasibility proposal . The ACB Group , through SILCON, regularly participates in international tenders.


     Any project can be evaluated from different perspectives, and profitability varies depending on the stakeholder’s perspective. For the investor, a project generates returns that generally differ from the returns internalized by the bank that finances the project, which in turn differs from the entity's assessment of the revenue that will collect taxes, etc. One of the project analysis perspectives considers the benefits and costs assumed by the economy as a whole, where the indirect effects of externalities and environmental impacts assume increasing importance.


     The decomposition of project analysis into different perspectives is essential to meet the requirements of banks and financing agencies, both official and private. In many regions, quantifying viability in different forms has become a requirement for licensing for the project to operate.


     SILCON has strong training in this area, including authoring texts and manuals commonly used in development agencies and official organizations. The books Social projects: evaluation and practice (São Paulo, Ed. Atlas, 5th edition , 2014) and Economic evaluation of projects: fundamentals and applications , (Curitiba, Editora CRV, 2020) are references in the assembly and evaluation of projects.